Aromatherapy Oils -1 oz

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~Wellness for Family & Home

Aromatherapy essential oils can energize or calm the mind, and refresh the home environment. Place a few drops in a scent diffuser, in a pot of simmering water, or in your shower to stimulate the senses. Revive dried flower arrangements, or apply to a cotton ball placed in a vacuum cleaner bag!

1oz glass bottle with dropper

Ten varieties:

Cedar ~ Sweet and woody; antiseptic; harmonizing and calming

Chamomile ~ Calming/soothing; suitable for use on children

Citronella ~ Fresh citrus scent; natural insect repellent

Lavender ~ Regenerative mood tonic; antiseptic

Lemongrass ~ Uplifting, clean scent; natural pest repellent

Orange ~ Stimulating, energetic

Peppermint ~ Refreshing; good for headaches, travel sickness, nausea

Rose ~ Soothing; eases anxiety, insomnia, pms

Rosemary ~ Awakening, astringent; treats muscular pain, relieves fatigue

Tea Tree ~ Purifying; a powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral oil good for fighting respiratory and other infections.