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For centuries, women like Cleopatra have touted the benefits of milk baths for keeping skin looking brilliant and youthful. Delight your senses with Beazer's Garden Organic Herbal Bath Soak. Natural mineral and Epson salts soothe and detox your skin while the alpha-hydroxy acid in milk breaks down dead skin cells and expedites the skin's ability to produce new skin cells.

Beazer's Garden custom hand-blended, bath soaks not only softens your skin but helps to lock moisture in with nourishing oils.

To Use: Pour a handful into a tub of hot water and relax in the fragrant, botanical-infused water.

Ingredients: Mineral and Sea Salts, PureGeranium, Lavender, Jasmine, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang and Rose
Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Herb-Based Natural Colors

Net Wt. 16 oz



"I was amazed the first time I used these; from the way the powder softly dissolved through the water and the fragrant essential oils scented the air, to the way my skin stayed soft from the vitamin-filled ingredients all day, I'm hooked on these easy bath treats!"

"I love love your milk bath! I tried the cupid one last night! Leaves your skin so soft. Very very happy with it!"

"Very happy with what I chose! smells heavenly!"

"Smells so good, I wish I wasn't giving it as a gift!"