Natural Pet Care 4pc Set

Hot Spot Spray, Shampoo & Conditioner:
No Chemicals- Non Toxic Care for Your Furry Friend

Four great items to keep your furry family friend healthy and safe.


~4 oz Pet Paw & Nose Balm- Protect their delicate skin. 

~8oz Hot Spot Spray Bottle- Spray directly onto raw irritated hot spots. Repeat 1-4x daily as needed. If your pet suffers from flea allergies, spray entire body daily as needed. Do not spray on your dogs face or near their eyes.


~8 oz Pet Shampoo/Conditioner- If you're washing you pet frequently, conditioning is a good idea. Dogs with undercoats usually have thicker, coarser hair. With matting, the coat tends to trap dirt and odors. This detangling and taming conditioner will moisturize and deodorize fur and skin.

~Fleabags- tuck into pet beds or anywhere you want to avoid pests.