Mens Cleansing Aftershave Tonic

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For the man with refined tastes, this handcrafted herbal aftershave tonic will make a welcome addition to his morning grooming ritual. Featuring a unique blend of skin soothing essential oils infused with carefully prepared herbs, like Lavender and Yarrow which contain powerful properties that work to cleanse and tone the skin.

Dab on a cotton ball or a clean face towel and wipe away oil and dirt. Skin will feel refreshed and moisturized all day long.

Arriving in a 4-ounce glass bottle

LAVENDER- Helps relieve pain, balancing and normalizing, brings Sootheth and harmony to the body. A full, flowery aroma, uplifting and soothing. cleansing and calming, alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, migraines, athletes’ foot. An antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, eases colds, used in inhalations, vaporizers, baths, massage. Induces happiness and loving feelings.

YARROW- Soothes wounds, an astringent, helps in circulation, cramps, inflammations, and teas. A strengthening bitter tonic, anti-spasmodic.

Learn more about Herbal properties, uses & specific ingredients here


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~Safe to use around children & pets

Products are best if used in 3 to 6 months and can be stored in the refrigerator for longer use.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this item goes to benefit our environmental education programs in NYC public schools.