Botanical Body Essential Oil Perfume

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~Treat Yourself Well:
~100% Natural Botanical Ingredients



Indulge your senses with pure, fragrant essential oils from Beazer's Garden.

Created to ease, soothe, tease, and stimulate your body and mind.

Whatever your mood, or to change the one you are in, we have an oil for you!


7oz bottle

~AS A PERFUME- Dab on pulse points and wear the scent all day long…,

~AS A BODY MASSAGE OIL- rub into skin to loosen muscles and relieve tension and stress or apply to skin after a shower or bath…,

~AS A HAIR OIL- Apply a dime-sized amount into hands, rub slightly and massage into hair.

Choose your scent: Presented in a beautiful decorative glass bottle. (Shape and design will vary)


*This item does not claim to be a medical product, service or treatment and makes no health claims.

Energizing and Stimulating Scent: Abundance, Recharge, Growth

Warm Floral Scent: Harmony, Balance, Confidence, Devotion

Warm Citrus Spice Scent: Passion, Courage, Excitement, Energy

Bright and Clean Scent: Peace, Calm, Patience, Truth


"Lovely scents! Thank you!"

"Very unique and lovely scents! Thank you!"

"I love the soaps and oils! My favorite is the Grace Deluxe oil in the heart-shaped bottle.
My boyfriend loves it too! I recommended them to my friends at work and they will be buying soon. Thanks!"

~Sustainably produced
~Safe to use around children & pets

*Avoid direct contact with clothing. Do not take oils internally.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this item goes to benefit our environmental education programs in NYC public schools.