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Natural Pet Care




    This conditioning blend provides gentle care for your pet. Natural ingredients and pure essential oils moisturize and deodorize fur and skin, and also repel pests.  To use: Apply to your pet and work through fur. If possible, leave on for a few...

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  • Herbal Pet Shampoo

    Herbal Pet Shampoo

    A gentle shampoo to thoroughly cleanse and condition pet skin and fur. This all-natural and moisturizing vegetable-based soap prevents stripping of the oil from fur and leaves the coat clean, soft, shiny, and healthy. To use: Lather the shampoo gently...

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  • Pet Hot Spot Spray

    Pet Hot Spot Spray

    Hotspots are areas of inflamed skin on your pets. Continued licking and chewing at the area worsens the condition and can lead to a bacterial infection if left untreated. Our Hot Spot Spray kills bacteria and relieves itching and pain.
To use: Clip...

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