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Natural Home


  • Pet Hot Spot Spray

    Pet Hot Spot Spray

    Hotspots are areas of inflamed skin on your pets. Continued licking and chewing at the area worsens the condition and can lead to a bacterial infection if left untreated. Our Hot Spot Spray kills bacteria and relieves itching and pain.

To use: Clip the...

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  • Set of 4 pouches with essential oil refresher

    Potpourri Pouches- 4pc set with Oil

    When you need spot deodorizing, place these aromatic herbal sachets into drawers, into shoes, in your car, close or dryer to freshen your items. Set of 4 sachets with 5ml oil refill. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK:"Really helps to relax me so that I sleep...

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  • Seed Balls

    Seed Balls

    WILDFLOWER SEED BALLSWildflowers are beautiful and functional, attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Use these seed balls to beautify vacant grassy areas with colorful blooms year after year!To use: Toss a few seed balls into soil...

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  • Soy wax melts

    Soy wax melts

    Beazer's Garden soy wax melts are a wonderful, fragrant alternative to burning a candle! Let the fragrant aroma of warmed essential oils fill your space and provide the tranquility of a garden day indoors!   TO USE: Break off a square from the...

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