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Natural Home


  • Drawer Sachets & Oil Refill

    Drawer Sachets & Oil Refill

    Place these aromatic herbal sachets into drawers, closets, trunks, shoes, or any enclosed space you want to keep fresh and fragrant. And for the car, it's an elegant upgrade from those cardboard trees! Set of 4 sachets with 5ml oil refill.

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    This conditioning blend provides gentle care for your pet. Natural ingredients and pure essential oils moisturize and deodorize fur and skin, and also repel pests.To use: Apply to your pet and work through fur. If possible, leave on for a few minutes...

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  • Natural Air & Linen Spray

    Natural Air & Linen Spray

    Give your space a burst of freshness with our eco-friendly scent solution. Mist directly on your pillow and linens; Refresh your closet, car, locker or shoes; Spray on a piece of fabric and toss into the clothes dryer; or use to refresh pet bedding - it...

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  • Natural Bug-Be-Gone

    Natural Bug-Be-Gone

    This mixture of peppermint oil and other herbals repels pests without toxic chemicals. Safe for children and pets, our Bug-Be-Gone can be misted directly onto body, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, pet bedding, or furniture without worry.8 fl oz

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  • Natural Deodorizing Multipurpose Powder

    Natural Deodorizing Multipurpose Powder

    The uplifting scent of our custom blended powder will brighten and detox your space.As a Carpet Powder: Sprinkle in vacuum cleaner or directly on carpet and let sit for a few minutes before vacuuming. Enjoy the fresh scent when cleaning.As a Shoe Powder:...

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