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Natural Body

  • Natural Bug-Be-Gone

    Natural Bug-Be-Gone

    This mixture of peppermint oil and other herbals repels pests without toxic chemicals. Safe for children and pets, our Bug-Be-Gone can be misted directly onto body, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, pet bedding, or furniture without worry.8 fl oz

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  • Natural Deodorant

    Natural Deodorant

    Drop the antiperspirants in favor of safe and effective odor control with our organic deodorant. Designed to stop odor-causing bacteria with a blend of antimicrobial essential oils, it deodorizes without exposing you to the harmful aluminum compounds...

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  • Refreshing Face Mist

    Refreshing Face Mist

    Our uplifting face mist is the perfect little pick-me-up to freshen your day. Use at work, while traveling or after the gym. To use: Spritz this hydrating botanical mist across your face and neck to refresh your body and mind.Ingredients: Witch Hazel,...

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  • Sunscreen


    Enjoy the sunshine and protect your skin without getting burned with our all-natural sunscreen. Made with skin nourishing Coconut, Almond, Vitamin E & Carrot Seed oils blended with the natural solar protectants found in Shea Butter. Apply liberally to...

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  • Total Body Butter

    Total Body Butter

    Butter up! This is a skincare essential you’ll want to carry for daily use. Dense and vitamin-rich, our Total Body Butter makes dry skin silky smooth, and is also great for hair! Massage small amount into hands first, then work into skin or hair anytime...

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