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Essential Oils


We benefit from the characteristic essences of essential oils which are extracted from plants. 

  • Aromatherapy Bath Oil Soak

    Aromatherapy Bath Oil Soak

    Take a relaxing spa sojourn at home! Pour a palmful of this luxurious bath oil into a tub of warm water and relax. Specifically blended for use in the bath, this rich oil leaves skin feeling pliable and young, but doesn't leave a film in the...

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  • Aromatherapy Oils

    Aromatherapy Oils

    Aromatherapy essential oils can energize or calm the mind, and refresh the home environment. Place a few drops in a scent diffuser, in a pot of simmering water, or your shower to stimulate the senses. Revive dried flower arrangements, or apply to a...

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  • Botanical Perfume Oil in Deco Bottle

    Botanical Perfume Oil in Deco Bottle

    Our fragrant oils intrigue the senses with rich, complex scents that unfold like a story. Dab on pulse points or run through your hair to feel a little exotic all day long! Can also be used for massage.Choose:~~~~~~~~~“Renewal”- Abundance,...

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  • Diffuser Necklace & Perfume Oil

    Diffuser Necklace & Perfume Oil

    Wear, remove, or change your scent at whim! Simply place a few drops of perfume oil onto the pad in necklace, close, and your body heat does the rest. Wear one scent for work, then change to a diffusing pad with a different fragrance for a night out --...

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  • Essential Oil Pocket Perfume Roll-on

    Essential Oil Pocket Perfume Roll-on

    Always have your favorite herbal perfume fragrance at hand with this convenient roll-on bottle. Carry your favorite sweet-smelling perfume oil with you in your purse or pocket. Lovingly prepared from pure essential oils, this roll-on perfume makes a...

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  • Skin Contouring/Toning Oil- Anti Cellulite

    Skin Contouring/Toning Oil- Anti Cellulite

    You can't get rid of cellulite, but you can reduce its appearance! Ingredients in this oil blend stimulate skin cells to increase circulation and help build collagen. To use: Massage into the skin twice a day; use a brush or body roller for a luxurious...

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